The Hype Train – Northwest Tour | Typical Culture

We hit the road one last time to finish some filming for the next Typical Culture video “The Hype Train” while enjoying some nature and primitive camping along the way, for a month long. We hit Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Nevada. Along for the ride was myself, Greg Zamarripa, Skreech, Little Chris, Chris Russell, Ian Stribling, (took these photos) Chris Russell, Luke, Ricky Holderby, Frank Shaw, and picking up more homies along the way.

Check out Issue #4 of Typical Culture for tons of photos from the trip.. here are some bloggings.

Most of us walked away with the best souvenir possible..

Burning car on the 1-15 North

Made it to Sacromento first, Granite park. Good to Tristan Moss at his local stomping grounds.

We stopped at Dirt Ben’s his roommates were not scared to get weird.

Dirt Ben’s beard isn’t legit.

Made it to Grass Valley..

C. Russell and Ricky cleaning up Gus’s Bowl

Gus help start Blood Wizard and runs Good Times Skate shop in Grass Valley.

Headed into Oregon.

Myrtle Creek, it cost $500 to smoke a spliff.

Chris Russell doesn’t approve of this behavior

Skreech trying to explain something about something.

Little Chris and Mona are ready to mash!

Mr. Russell is all about the back seat party

Who knows whats going on here.

Pit stop somewhere between Coos Bay and Reedsport, awesome view point.

Skreech tried to double loop this at one point.

Made it to Kowalski’s house.. Tents staying up.

Everyone trying to help finish the bowl.

Future Love-Seat and Lifebox

Working at night includes lots of beer shot-gunning.



Rad full pipes right by Peir Park.

Peir Park, Portland.

We did it all up, picnik on the grass and everything.

Alright, who’s mashing next?

Forest break.

This place is rad.. Yakima, Washington.

Ricky scored some blood

Carnation, Washington.

Sweet camping spots in Carnation.

Marginal Way, Washington.

Downtown Seattle.

Always good to hit this spot when headed to Orcas Island, Arlington, Washington.

Skreech stretches his legs.

Headed to the Island… Orcas Island.

Orcas Island Skatepark.

Drying laundry..

Little Chris catches some air

Gregson puts down a Smither

Leaving the great Island.. and time to embark somewhere new.

Located right in-front and literally on the parking lot of the local school… not so rad, but real rad. Montana.

Stayed here for enough time to ruin Frank’s eye doing some death race testing..

The helmet.. You know Skreech wouldn’t leave without trying it. Polsom, Montana.

Good to have on these trips..

Whitefish, Montana.

Ricky is real.

The wide open road.. offers a lot of cows.


Ketchum, Idaho.

Hailey, Idaho.

The new stuff at Hailey is worth more then a few hours, that’s for sure.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Took a break from skateboarding and headed to Sundance in Utah, it’s a most.