Checking-In Tyler Lee | Typical Culture

Tyler is Dope. I’ve been shooting with him for a few years now. Lee is always smiling and having a good time. Left arm 3 times broken, elbow snap, and shoulder crush, nothing gonna stop this kid. Just about anywhere we roll Tyler gets his licks and even those strange spots no one thinks is possible, Lee jumps on that too. He’s always got a creative eye in the streets searching with his imagination and spreading good vibes during any skate mission.

Fs Boneless

Name, where you live and what your doing?
Tyler, I live in La Mesa and ride a skateboard.

Do you remember the first time you ever touched a skateboard?
Yeah when I was like 14. I would just cruise a skateboard to baseball practice and the skating was more fun than the actual baseball practice hahah. I’ve been in love with it ever since and you can you skate anytime not when a coach schedules it.

Frontside Smith

Three things you love about east county?
The homies, the hills, and the grinder sandwich shop.

Three things you dislike about east county?
The tweakers, the sidewalk, and the heat.


When you first started skating who were your favorite skaters?
Anyone that had a part in On Display. Me and Alex watched that video every single day.

Backside carve – drop

Five year plan or living in the moment?
Livin’ in the 6th grade still.

Skating for Sun Diego now and flow on Enjoi. How did that all come about, hows it feel to get hooked up for skateboarding?
Syked to be on Sun Diego. Cory Cox is the man and hooked it up with that one. Matt Holdridge flows me Globes and Enjoi boards straight to my doorstep so I’m super grateful for that.

Fs Tailslide – Hill mash

Lakeside should be getting a skatepark soon, when that happens think you’ll ever go back to Dallas?
Oh I’ll be there all the time. I’d probably only go to Dallas once every few months, hah.

Describe your 5 latest tattoos.
Recently got a record player on my arm and a rest in peace tatt for my friend Arthur who passed away. A deadfish and a witchcraft tat… Mikey (Grey) hooked it up with a Sabbath tat, hes killing it.

Switch Backside Flip

Who are the local shredders you see killing it in the streets?
Jason Crowell and Alex Roehr, they’re killing it. Oh and Ricky Holderby even though I never see him ever, I know he’s killin’ it somewhere.


Why you ride a skateboard?
Its the most fun you can have ever.


Working on any upcoming projects?
Jesse’s video that may end up being the Sun Diego video, I dunno. And Kevin Marquezs new Animal Style video.


Wrap this up, say what you want…
All the Dallas burnouts. Sun Diego and Matt Holdridge at Dwindle Distributions. Alexis Mariena and most important anyone who rides a skateboard, your killin’ it!