Checking In – Trevor Ward | Typical Culture

I met Trevor through Chris McDonald when he came down here to San Diego on a mission to shred. He’s got one of the best personality’s you could ask for in a friend, skateboarder, or overall human. Doesn’t give a fuck about the bullshit, straight to the shit that matters. His skating reminds me of Geoff Rowley a little. But his personality is on level with Shane Cross. Dudes on point, basically. Check out this Welcome to Theeve video if you haven’t already. Look forward to seeing more of Trevor and super hyped to have him filming some clips for The Hype Train video.

Where are you from, when did you first pick up a skateboard?
Vancouver, Washington. I was in the fifth grade.


Living in the Northwest isn’t like skating perfect California spots, let me know your favorite shit to skate up there.
Shit, you ain’t lying there. My favorite spot.. Hmm.. Eugene 10 flat 10s is a good one. Undercover and everything.

Backside 50-50

You jump down gnarly shit, what gets you inspired to do that?
Skate videos, homie hype, and black sabbath

Backside Blunt Transfer

How did you learn how to skate these huge rails? Do you start on small rails and go up or just go for it, all or nothing?
All or nothing plaaar! I learn pretty much all my tricks on the one rail at my local skatepark.

Frontside Five-0

Bomb a huge hill or skate some curbs? No if or what’s about it.
Fuckin mash hills over everything! Fuck the bullshit.

Frontside Bluntslide

Fuck the bullshit is your style, all or nothing. I’m sure you’ve suffered some gnarly injuries, care to share the scariest slam and recovery?
Actually I’ve been very lucky. The worst injury would have to be pinching the nerve in my back. That took me out for like 6 months. Fucked up part, I don’t even recall the slam that did it! Probably this dumb ollie I tried in santa barbara, smacked my head so hard.

Backside Flip

You fit the Toy Machine crew pretty fucking good, how did that get all lined up. Have you gone on any trips or plan to? I know this is hard but who’s your favorite on the team.
Thanks plaaar. Toy machine’s the best. I actually hit up moose with my footage asking if he could show it to someome, deathwish had did a demo in town, so I was pretty fuckin stoked on them at the moment. Moose hit me back with some good words, also telling me he thought I fit Toy Machine perfectly. He gave me Sinclairs email, and it all started. Thanks moose! I have not gone on any trips, but man would that be heavy. Hopefully some day. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say The tempster, hes fuckin sick dude. But, Everyone has their own personality, and style and they’re all the sickest dudes because of that. Dan lu’s outlook on life, just straight positivity. Inspires me to stay positive myself, good vibes.

Backside Boardslide

Have you seen bigfoot?
Yep. He tight

Frontside Lipslide

What are you going to do for The Hype Train video? We need some homie clips!
Shit, grind something fuckin burly! How much time do I got?

Backside 50-50 – 180

Thanks for being you Trevor, look forward to having more good times playrr!! Any shout-outs and thank you’s?
Anytime man! Yeah, likewise! I’ll be back in January if you need a couchwarmer wink juskeed.. (not kid) Yeah I want to give a shout-out / thank you to everyone whose let me crash on their floor, and/or helped me along the way. Trev Ward, Jimmy Arrighi, Mike Sinclair for keeping me rolling in/on the best. My Uncle Rod, Chris McDonald, Moose, Jack Daniels, and most of all the fuckin HYPE TRAIN! You kick ass Dowdy, hope to see you an everyone else in January.