Checking-in: Terence Perkins | Typical Culture

“I first met Terence Perkins about a year ago at PQ skatepark. Gil Marin Suggested that I get a photo of him skating the PQ ten Rail, so I grabbed my camera and got setup. I signaled him to go and he rolled up to it a couple times. Then first try he stuck a butter fs smith. Every since then I’ve been amazed at just his natural skate ability.” – Adam Small.

Whats your name, where you from?
Terrance Perkins, Daygo, PQ, born and raised


Whats it like trying to juggle skateboarding and a rap career all at the same time?
Skater rap life is crazy. It’s like night and day or day and night, it’s kinda cool too because when you aren’t skating you’re rapping and if you aren’t rapping you’re skating. So thats what I do on my down time. If I have something to say I try to do it through lyrics and I try to make it creative rather than complain about shit.

Frontside Feeble

Who do you look up to the most in the skate industry?
Skate Mafia man like as a whole. I can’t even pick one person. The homies, the skate world is filled with so many people. I am old school, Chad Muska and freakin Peter Smolik, Willy Santos, J.T., Tommy Cantrell.

Crooked Grind

What is your normal day like?
Normal what is that? Gotta have some kush, definitely gotta have some kush. Gotta skate, the beer is iffy if you have it its cool. Gotta have some caffeine or something to keep the energy up. Chillin with your boys just skating good vibes. All that negative shit, take it next door, down the street, the next block, bottom of the ocean, kill that shit man. We trying to have fun and get these clips man. Thats a regular day for me just good vibes and having fun.

What was going through your head when you jumped down that tennis court gap?
Straight up mother fucking homies Danny Gonzales and Tommy Cantrell straight up doing it for the homies that day. Brand new shoes, brand new board I wanted to do something crazy I was hyped saw all the homies killing it I wanted to be a little bit different but still kill it at the same time. I thought what can I do to shut this shit down right now? I think I really really landed it because security was coming and I had one more try so I said “This is for the homies”.


Where do you see yourself in the future?
In the future that’s scary. I see myself still skating with the same homies I’m not really worried about money, just wanna make a good impression on the skate world. I’ve been doing it my whole life off and on. I feel like I’m here to skate so hopefully I’m just gonna skate and tear shit up. Getting hooked up finally putting in the work. I feel like if I’m putting in the work I should get what I deserve my future should be good if I keep focused and commit.

Frontside Smith

Words of advice, last words or shout outs?
Group up with your friends three or four solid friends that you skate with. You don’t wanna skate by yourself. Try and make sure you dig into your board when you do your tricks, keep your foot flat, little things like that. For the kids skate life or hate life. Shout out to you Adam Small for doing big things, for taking all those photos and for being as patient as you are with ignorant me. I appreciate you accepting me for me. Shout out to Gil Marin for chillin, keeping me on my toes, and wrecking shit daily. Just the homies shout out to the homies, if you know you are a homie then shout out to you, homegirls too, my future baby mama.