Checking-In Bobby Miranda | Typical Culture

You have a unique style. What inspired you to skate the way you do?
Well, growing up watching PIG Wood Slaughterhouse changed my life. Watching Ragdoll doing wallrides and carves really inspired me. When I used to watch Ragdoll and Richie Jackson, I was always like, “damn, how do they do that?” Richie Jackson and Jason Dill showed me that I could skate differently and I could do whatever I want on my skateboard.


So you do a lot of wallrides and wallies or what?
Well it’s not really that, it’s just I’ve always wanted to be different towards skating, because all my friends would be doing crazy shit topping me at every spot, and I just wanted to go another path. I read that Jason Dill didn’t want to pop his board in an interview and that got me pumped up. I like to pop a little bit, but I’d rather just get on my board and do random shit and just shred around.

Whats a typical day for you, who are you usually kicking it with and where?
my typical day is me waking up, bumping my records while i wake and bake, hang out with the homies if im not skateboarding, if not i still wake and bake and make calls to either serg, soap, shooter mcgavin, matt jackson, jonothan lopez, alex valdez, Victor Garibay, Javi Lopez, because these are my daily go to guys to get shit handeled, i guess you can say thse guys make my life easier because theyre rad people and theyre my family. im usually with with these guys all day everyday, if its not one of them its the other one because these fools pump it to go skateboarding at all times and have goodtimes in the streets. We usually kick it in our neighbor hoods which are Huntington Park, Bell, Maywood, Bell gardens, Southgate . Were always around these hoods becasue we are hoods, most of us grew up here and we love it here, at least i can say i love these hoods that i mentionted because i have respect for them and because i was placed in a good neighborhood at the right place at the right time.

Backside Wallride

How long has 3043 Boardshop been backin you?
I’m 20 now. I guess when I was 16. I started bugging Javi Lopez for boards since he was the dude hooking everyone up around the South Gate and Huntington Park area. He’s always been true to skateboarding and is always trying to give back to the community.

Wallride. Photo: Walnum

So he’s been a big help to you?
Yeah, he’s been a big help to a lot of people. It’s crazy because I coincidentally met him one time and after that he’s always been the homie. I’ve never seen him as anything else, well except for my boss, because your boss is your boss.

Wallie Nosegrind Manual!

List a few of your tats and tell us which ones are your favorites?
my bobbys world tattoo because thats me, if u seen the show bobbys world rules and i got the name bobbys world because i have a big head i guess haha and all my homies call me bobby becasue of bobbys world, so pretty much thats my favorite tattoo. other than that one i have a portrait of my grandparents which i am proud to have on my chest. i also have 2 bummerhigh reapers tatted by the side of my arm because ethan fowler rules and his creation bummerhigh will always be in my mind and in my soul forever haha

What do you see in your future?
I don’t know, whatever happens, I’m just tryin to skate. I don’t really think about the next day, just today.


So you don’t have any goals or aspirations?
All I’m concerned about is to stay positive and work on my skating. All I really want though, is to drop as many video parts as I can, before I can’t anymore, because who knows… You’re here today, you’re gone tomorrow.

Pole-Jam Wallride.
All Black & White photos by McDonald.