Symmetry is the 4th video in the “How We Speak” series from Dayman Cash. Bay Area shredding from a few familiar TC faces including Marco Lerma, Josh Spira, Robbie Bilbao, Blake Svendsen, Johnny Voskuyl, and Julian Klein. Patrick Beaudouin not only came through with an amazing part but managed to put down the board and pick up his camera. Check out his part and his view of the video.

Over a jangly Jacques Dutronc song comes a new part from San Mateo’s own Patrick Beaudouin. The high quality video features something for everyone– plenty of manual combos, a few big gaps, and some wall rides and solid flip tricks into steep banks for the rest of us. Patrick’s part captures a skater who is working hard to progress, and the work is clearly paying off. The way he approaches obstacles is somewhat unusual, and one gets the impression that Patrick would think of skating things you see every day in ways that you’d never imagine. In effect, this makes the viewer want to go skate, try a new spot, or, even better, to try to skate their everyday spot in a completely new way. It should also be noted that the video features the perfect number of foot-off tricks: one. Feel free to skip all that and just watch the part below. -Hanson O’Haver