100% Typical Culture / January ASR 2009

ASR is always lame, so if you thought this year was any different then any year, You’re right. Because Jamie Thomas & Phelps are the skate industry geniuses they are, they have started Crossroads. Action Sports Retail used to be something you could look forward to going to and seeing all your homies and all the new product. This year there was no Tum-Yeto Booth, Deluxe, BlackBlox, etc.. Maybe because the economy had something to do with it? Maybe, but most likely the true skateboard distributions & brands are over the “Extreme” media cashing in on anything they can. Why the fuck would any skater be interested in a “balance card” or some new revolutionary board with lights? This ASR was a interesting one, the crowd was Dead. The Mini-Ramp sessions included 12 groms with the regular appearance from Skelator, Steven Reeves, Andrew Langi, Tyler Martin and not much more. I will say one positive thing was SkateONE put on a “Rip the Ripper art show” I could have just gone there and been satisfied but i was too curious to see all the other bullshit as well. Hands down ASR is dead, let’s face the fact. But why wouldn’t you want to see the Daniel Castillo’s high ollie contest, now that’s something to talk about.