100% Typical Culture

Dowdy: How did you find the spot for snatch?
Alex Mooney: I came to the spot a couple years of ago when there was a rainbow rail thing. I forgot all about it then i was working across the street and came down and saw this parking garage full of shit and called up Bouchie and Sperm. They came down here the next day. The majority of the sweeping took about four days, well actually we aren’t even done, it’s still being swept. Everytime you come down here you should sweep! That’s the rule you got to sweep.
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What’s the deal with the cops?
The Cops don’t give a fuck really as long as we paint over the graffiti. Caltrans cares but they haven’t come down and said anything yet. So basically the cops are cool as long as we keep it mellow. I’ve never seen anyone getting tickets, But Jimmy the Fence told me he came down and there was about 30 kids lined up against a wall with a cop asking them questions.


What was the first obstacle?
We started skating this flat bar rail that someone stole, and if their reading this their a fucking douche bag and should bring it back. But we had the light post and a bunch of parking blocks when we found the spot. We moved them around to make a little slalom course then we made a little spine with the parking blocks. There was parking blocks galore down here that’s why we kinda liked it.


Donated marblel coping, support the cause.


Un-said rules?
Just don’t blow it, Don’t park right in the front in the dirt lot. Park on the street, Pick up your trash, No one come down here and build shit, everyone that’s come down here and tried to build anything has done a terriblel job. I don’t know what i’m doing and Bouchie doesn’t know what he’s doing but we always have to spend time fixing some other persons mistakes. Like that ledge with the marble coping we had to build around the first ledge that was there because they blew it. The only thing we’ve built is the spine and the ledge. The wall rides fucking suck some other random kids built them. Bring a broom when you come down here don’t just start making shit


What’s next on the list to build?
I don’t know the marble ledge is good, were building the second one right now. I want to take down that wall ride and make it a lot cooler, wider and better to skate. I want to build more tranny we just need to get some people down here. We got some guys from Washington St down here. We got Glen Wagner that’s good, also Sperm and Bouchie.


The run.


What else?
Everyone, and Anyone is invited down here. But you just have to know the rules and respect the place, Bring a broom pick up some trash and try to keep shit mellow.–


Sperm & Alex.

Dowdy: What did you think when you first saw snatch park, and what do you want to do with it?
Sperm: I thought it was a real cool spot, We just had to really clear the place out and clean up a lot of bum’s shit and sweep all over the place. As far as the transitions that were built, they suck. I know we could do a much better job and at the same time we have to try and keep all these street obstacles in place. The only thing is, I really want to add tranny to sides off the walls to add more flow to the park.