Typical Culture – Sauce Zine #10

A new skateboard zine was in the mail, Shaggy was on the cover doing a Judo at Tobins bowl. I wish every article Typical Culture has done was on paper/print. shit the website domain was up for renewal and no one even knew. Someone could of bought Typical Culture.com yesterday for $20 bucks. Shit, that would suck.

Sauce doesn’t need to worry about that, they got a nice fancy zine with beautiful colored images. Only wait, there is no baby blue & pink “BET” entertainment on the background, I just see white with black color writing? That’s not cool, come on get with the program. Why would you want to work all day and only be able to skate a few hours? Whats all this talk about “Relieving stress” I thought it was all about getting on M-TV and having a show about not being able to get laid?

You don’t need a “Sponsor me” video or any kind of “Image” to like Sauce. It’s full of raw photos from the great Northwest. D.I.Y projects and more, Yes some people build there own shit to skate. Without even getting paid! The real skateboard scene is still alive, jump into Sauce the next time you can get your hands on one.