100% Typical Culture / Route 44 Skate Shop

Address: 2002 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego. CA
Phone: (619) 291-9051
Hours: Open 10am Close 7pm Mon – Fri, Close 6pm Sat – Sun.

Route 44 has been keeping the skate scene alive and well in San Diego for the past 10 years. No matter who you are or what your name is, when you enter the shop your going to get treated the same. The best part about this shop is how diverse it is, no matter if you skate street, pools, like hip-hop or grindcore. In my opinion Matt Owen has started a whole other skate scene in San Diego. Just start counting all the kids you see that rep Route 44 t-shirts & stickers. It’s not just a fad or some rich guy making money off kids & familys, it’s a true skateboarders skate shop. If you haven’t had the chance already to stop by Route then read this interview with Matt Owen the founder of Route 44. Then go give the shop a look and let them know what you think because they will be stoked on you, guaranteed. Look forward to seeing a new Route 44 website soon.

Why the name “Route44” and where was the first location of the shop?
The first location was 5355 napa st in lower Linda Vista (Morena area). The name was from the bus route up and down Linda Vista road.


What made you want to start a skate shop?
It was a place that offered skateboards of all shapes and styles. At the time wider boards weren’t as easy to find but we got what we could to offer some variety..


What did you do before starting a skate shop?
Washed dishes, changed tires, skated, played music and worked for the city school district.


Why did Route 44 Have to move from Morena st to India St?
Because San Diego needed one more Starbucks / Jamba Juice, with condos on top. This is called re-development I think. The 1st location was torn down.


What happend to the shop on India st?
After about 3 years on India St. the upstairs neighbors had a fire. Total loss, except Mikeys boards were saved. The 2nd location was torn down.


Who works at the shop?
Mikey, Elliot, Ben


Route also carries records, how did that get started and how does it work?
We’ve sold records from day one. (most of my own to help the cause) Now we buy, sell and trade records. There’s a lot more vinyl now then in 1999 when we opened. Another prediction gone wrong, vinyl being obsolete.


The Route team is indestructable and consist of so many skaters, who was on the original Route44 team?
I think of the team as a family, Working for the cause to keep as many people skating as possible.


Is there a possibility of having a Route44 2?
If the economy gets better.


Latley it seems like Route has had a huge following with all these hesh groms, Do you think the shop has an influence on them or do they influence the shop?
Hesh Groms? I think that these kids are into a great part of skateboarding that never left, but definatly wasn’t as accepted as it is again. We happen to be lucky to carry stuff from TERROR, Dropout, Patines Americanos, Jivaro, Scum, etc.These kids help to keep these companies going. We just want to offer a place where you can feel comfortable no matter what style of skateboarding & music you are into. DGK ALL DAY!


Do you plan on making a shop video?
As far as getting on the shop team, Would you rather see someone at the bridge ripping harder then hell or see a sponsor me video?
It depends, both are cool I’m not the best judge, so after an extensive screening process, we’ll get back to you.

Route 44 sales Records

Any thanks or shout outs to people that have supported the shop?
Too many, but I thank everyone that does, or has, or that will.