Typical Culture – Kobrah Skateboard Zine

Oakland’s D.I.Y Zine from Tadashi “Kobrah #5” landed a spot on the zine shelve earlier this month. It took a little way to get around to a zine review, but better late then never.

I really enjoy the rounded diversity of skateboarders that i see inside Kobrah. Local Bay Area rippers, Southern rippers and even sometime some East Cost appearances.

Eye catching articles in this issue was a P-Stone interview, Shuffl DVD Review, Shuriken Shannon at like age 10. Some sick flicks from the last stand in Ramona.

If your local skateboard scene doesn’t have a small zine media outlet, make one yourself. It’s called D.I.Y.

If you happened to run across one of these Kobrah zines, make sure to snag a few for yourself & some to give away to the homies that stop by.