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Posted by: Dowdy, On 03/30/09

I hate getting new shoes and having to break them in. Epically when there super stiff and the soles don’t bend at all and you can’t feel your board. I was looking through the Fallen Catalog about a month back and i didn’t really see anything i wanted to try, just a bunch of extra padding big tongue shits. Then i saw these, the “Forte” Jamie Thomas shoe. They look similar to the Authentic Vans shoe with a little extra stitching & art.

Dave was able to hook me up with a pair, after about 20 minutes of skating the bridge i could bend them in half, witch is exactly what i want when i get a new shoe. Fuck having to take a whole week to break in a damn pair of shoes. I’m super stoked on these now, the first pair lasted about 4 weeks of skating in. No blown out soles or extra padding steez on these, just pure basic skate shoe. Check out Fallen’s Website to see what model fits you, if you don’t jump down 20 stair rails then i would suggest trying a pair of the “Forte”.