Typical Culture – Confusion Magazine #1

Confusion – Issue 1 – An international skateboard magazine

There’s no doubt that right away your first glamps of Confusion zine will remind you of the good days during Concussion magazine. Your eyes don’t lie, some of the same heads that backed and created Concussion are now doing a international magazine from Europe called “Confusion.”Not full of bullshit cool guy drinking pages or partying at all, more like full of skateboarding. Natural hands will flip right through this bad boy and relies right away how much skateboarding is covered in the 83 pages. A couple copies were floating around Washington St skatepark the other night. Goes to show just because this is a international magazine you won’t be missing the action. Hopefully some of your local shops catch onto it.Key interested points were definitely the Buena Vista pool, Tanner Zelinsky interview, OMSA Pool & A cultural encounter (Article about “Team Pain” the awesome concrete builders from Florida.) Even some of the ads in the magazine were eye catchers. Also a awesome article about some guy named “Jose Noro” from Barcelona hitch hiking through the great Northwest.Interviews seem to become more of a interesting conversation rather then awkward spare of the moment questions. Always solid. Being a international magazine you see tons of unknown rippers and spots, that you’ll probably never go to. Maybe it’s better that way, Thanks for the mag Confusion.