Typical Culture – Bryant Chapo

So you’re currently living in Carlsbad, CA but you’re not originally from here, right? Where did you grow up and why did you make the move out to here?
I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico but moved to Idaho when I turned 14. I started skating in Idaho and met some new friends around where I moved to which was this Indian Reservation called Fort Hall, Idaho. There’s not much to do out there but one of my friends skated and it looked really fun so I ended up coming around his house a lot. So I went out and bought a new complete. It took off from there… after I bought my first skateboard I never turned back after that. After watching skate videos and seeing skate magazines and hearing more about California, I knew I wanted to be here. And skateboarding did bring me to California.
How old are you and how many of those years have you spent skateboarding?
I’m now twenty-two years old. I’ve been skating for about 8 years. Eight amazing years of my life. Thank you Skateboarding.


What was it like skating El Toro back in the day? Did you do any other tricks besides the front salad that was used for that Goodwood Ad?
El Toro… I’ve seen it in so many videos and always wanted to see it in real life. I finally went to it one day and it was big for sure but a perfect rail. I had to skate it. I went back to it a week after with full confidence to skate it. First I 50-50’d it. I landed it a few times and at the time I had front side salads going for me… so I ended up wanting to try that trick on the rail. I went for it, got on the rail, and slid the whole way down. The try before the one I landed, I went into a front blunt and jumped from half way down the rail to flat. It made my feet feel numb for a little bit. Five minutes after, I went back up and knew I was close and had to land it. I got into it and landed on all for wheels and rolled away. It was a big stress relief.
What do you prefer to skate the most? Like I know you jump down big rails, but you’re consistent on gaps and can destroy a ledge or manual pad as well. What do you dig the most?
I like to try to skate mostly everything. I mostly like to skate gaps and stairs. It depends on how I’m feeling that day. They’re all fun to skate.


Tell us something about yourself that none of us know?
Well I’m a 100% Native American. I’m Navajo, from New Mexico. A lot of people really don’t know that about me until they ask what my ethnicity is.