Typical Culture – Yeah Skate Shop

You are the only employee at Yeah and work 6 days a week. How do you find motivation / inspiration to skate on your day off?
I would skate more if I could. I hear kids & dudes bitch and whine and argue about skating, what spots they are sick of, how gay a park may be, why the locals suck, I just want to skate so when I can, I do. Being in the shop everyday motivates me so much to skate. Everything about it motivates me, plus it takes my mind off the billz.
You are in charge of skateillinois.com which creates a base for media in the local skate scene. Why is this online community important for the shop and local skaters?
The online part is huge. It’s the scene builder. It gives skateboarders (and chix) more to talk about, gives photographers stoke to try harder, filmers want to edit better, and stundwooders want to boneless bonier. Its got its downsides, though. Lots of dudes get turned down on usernames. The site is defiantly filtered for the better of humanity. Submit people! Don’t cry about it, though…