Typical Culture- Nada Just Chill’n Review

Nada Just Chill’n is straight from Illinois finest. Presented by FA Skates. Local underground shredders Chris D’agostino, Gary Rezusztko, Kyle Jakubowicz, Jon Schmoldt, Pete Grannis, Steffen Watts, Phil Proyce and Taylor Caurso all have fun length parts.

The video arrived in the mail today, poped it into my computer. Seeing i don’t own a television. Raw edits start to flow through the screen right away. I’m hyped, local shredders that I’ve never seen footage of before. So much better then the hyped up HD Full length video that’s out next month!

If your not familiar with Taylor Caurso, check out this interview. You’ll be a fan right away, if your anything like myself. Fast style skateboarding with huge ollies and big rails, basic tricks on fun shit. This is what skateboardings all about right? “Skate for fun” well that’s exactly what these folks out in Illinois are doing!

Get your hands on a copy right HERE, Enjoy some photos from the the video below all taken by Terry Hamilton.