Typical Culture Skateboard Zine

Peppermint Schnapz, tell us your real name and where you’re from and where you reside now?
Dante DeBose I’m from Vacaville, California but I live in Gainesville, Florida now


I know you started skating in Cali a couple years before coming to Florida. What to you is the difference between West and East coast skating and which would you prefer?
I love the eastcoast scene. Shit I just love the eastcoast in general it’s more down to earth people more chill, it’s more of a home feeling. I love the westcoast also but I’m happy I moved away. All my friends stopped skating n started bangin n shit so I’m happy I got away n didn’t fall into that. I always wanna go back but haven’t been since I left. The style of skating there I feel unless you in Frisco or somethin, ur jumpin down something or some handrail or something…….I’m good on that, I wanna walk after I try tricks (laughs). Eastcoast is more what you find. Hydrants, mannys, banks, rough shit, wateva ya know, our version of smooth ground is a basketball court which razors ur board n rips your body the fuck up if you fall.
What’s your usual skate day like and who do you usually cruise with?
The homies, everyone from the ville is so close n it’s such a small town that everyone knows everyone n we all meet up n skate on the daily whether it’s just cruising around, goin to the park, whatever. It’s ill, we just wanna fuckin ride n do stupid tricks that people will prolly hate on but wateva shits fun. Tryin to skitch buses n shit I love it.