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Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Store front.

You are the only employee at Yeah and work 6 days a week. How do you find motivation / inspiration to skate on your day off?
I would skate more if I could. I hear kids & dudes bitch and whine and argue about skating, what spots they are sick of, how gay a park may be, why the locals suck, I just want to skate so when I can, I do. Being in the shop everyday motivates me so much to skate. Everything about it motivates me, plus it takes my mind off the billz.

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Steve, 50-50.

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Steve Davenport, Shop decks.

You are in charge of skateillinois.com which creates a base for media in the local skate scene. Why is this online community important for the shop and local skaters?
The online part is huge. It’s the scene builder. It gives skateboarders (and chix) more to talk about, gives photographers stoke to try harder, filmers want to edit better, and stundwooders want to boneless bonier. Its got its downsides, though. Lots of dudes get turned down on usernames. The site is defiantly filtered for the better of humanity. Submit people! Don’t cry about it, though…

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Shoe wall, looking good.

One thing that sets Yeah apart from other local shops is the graphics for boards, stickers & shirts. Who does the graphics and how did this artist/shop relationship come about?
The graphics are / were a no brainer for me. I lived with Chris and Ben Smith for a bunch of years, they are very naturally talented. When they aren’t skating, they create stuff. Everything you see is completely their idea, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. People submit art all the time, and its not that its no good, its just not Manatee approved.

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
"Lil Stevie"

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Steve, Ollie.

Some graphics may be seen as obscene and offensive i.e. Lil Stevie. How do you protect yourself from skate-mom rage?
‘Lil Stevie is a great sketch of one of the smartest men on earth. Moms can’t say shit. Either way, it’s the kids who want to wear the stuff. If parents are bummed of scared, then we’re doing something right.

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Board wall

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Shop boards

The Yeah cult/team is spread out all over the country. How do you keep your out of state supporters satisfied and how do you organize the team training sessions?
Team dudes are friends who I’m psyched on. I want to slim it down, some dudes seem to have moved on, for whatever reasons. But I dgaf if they live around here or not. Its my call, that’s how I’m doing it. There’s no point on sending in a sponsor tape either,because I’m just going to giggle at how serious you are. If you’re awesome, cool. Isn’t everybody awesome now? : /

Yeah Skateboard Shop, Bartlett, IL
Whole shop

Homey shout outs? Crew affiliation plugs?
Anyone who thinks that they mean something, or are cooler than someone because they can skate good, get your head out of your ass, because we’re all laughing at you. Thanks to everyone who has helped out and supported the shop, especially our customers. Thank you!

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