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Sean Nguyen


Name, Location of birth & date?
July 11, 1983. Iowa City, my parents went to college out in Iowa for some reason, but I moved around I've lived in Orange County and LA, SD, some parts of the midwest and the east. As a kid i think i changed schools about every two years.

When and why did you decide to start riding a skateboard?
Don't really remember when I started skating but its been awhile. I just needed to get out of the house.

How did you get to San Diego?

I started coming down to SD with friends in high school because back in the day it was kind of a good place to skate if you wanted something other than Lockwood or some plastic table ( this was when I was living in OC). The benches at that plaza at UCSD were amazing. And then when I finished high school that nostalgia was still there and I went to UCSD for school. The problem was when I got there that was the beginning of all the skatestoppers in SD and everyone started hating on SD. I have to say that SD is great and I've made lifelong friends there.

Sean Nguyen Fs 5o Fakie
Fs 5-0 Fakie , Photo: Stefan Zannette

So you moved down to SD wanting to skate and get away from the OC life, what was the skate scene like compared to an hour north?
OC life is super shitty, but I've also lived in San Pedro in LA county which is super rad, but yeah OC.... when I lived there I lived right by toan nguyen from shorty's and went skating with his crew. He actually moved to SD and I was living on his couch for awhile hahaha but I met Cuong and friends through toan so i got to skate a lot and meet a lot of people which was awesome.

Sean Nguyen
Toan? I used to work with that guy. He was getting buck wild on my birthday and i haven't seen him since. Have any crazy storys with that fool?
Toan is the raddest dude, and nicest guy....... i ll only say he loves vegas more than most people, but hes terrible at gambling I remember people used to call him Toan No-win, maybe hes better at it now though..... but i think you should talk to cuong if you want some crazy stories........

Sean Nguyen Fakie wallride
Wallride Fakie, Photo: Stefan Zannette

So you lived in SD for awhile then moved back up to San Pedro, how many years were you down here?
I went to UCSD and skated when I could. I mean skating there has always been good. It took someone like Walker to really open peoples eyes to the possibilities there. I went to school there for 4 years and then moved to Brazil for a year to just pass some time. Then I came back to San Diego ready to grow up and got an office job working like 60 hours a week it was ridiculous.

One day I put my feet on the table, mouthed off, said all the wrong things throughout the day and got fired. It was the best thing, I've ever done!! Worked at ACE gallery in LA for a bit. Returned to San Diego. Then I worked at Hodad's in OB those guys had my back because I lurked in there super hard, skated transition and my best friend Nathan Van Wormer worked there so naturally I joined the crew. Every couple of months I had to break out though, I went to England, France, Japan, Spain, Hong Kong... skated it all.

Did you ever get to skate with Walker in SD?
Yeah Walker and I have a mutual friend, Josh Spira. Who was a camp counselor at YMCA skate camp and Walker rolled through there when he was a camper. I guess and yeah I remember before he was super famous Josh was like you have to meet and skate with Walker. But we are connected through so many weird ways like sit down with some of your friends and see how you are connected with people and its a trip.

Sean Nguyen Wallride
Carve, Photo: Stefan Zannette

So you stayed in SD while you traveled around to Brazil, England, France, Japan, Spain, & Hong Kong and worked at Hodads. How the fuck did you afford that?
Trife as shit! I worked at Hodads and didn't blow it at the bar like my fellow co-workers. But a job at Hodad's is pretty mint! But I fixed art from time to time in LA at ACE Gallery, so that paid pretty well. All that combined with couch surfing. After all that going onto travel websites looking for deals. If I go to Europe, i'll fly to england cuz you can find flights to England for 200 bucks sometimes and then I'll take an Easyjet or Ryanair flight into another city. Easyjet and Ryanair flights are the cheapest. I got a flight from London to Barcelona for like 15 Euros, thats 20 dollars. Coordinating multiple flights on different airlines can save you up to $1000. At the same time once you are in Europe going on trips to other places is super cheap.

So why move to NYC from Spain? How much did it cost?
To try something new, I wanted to see if that saying is true if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. I wanted to fucking skate some new shit and i guess be a part of the skateboard scene out here. But the winter here is looking pretty dreadful.. It was like 400 bucks return, my return flight is in November. But i don't know if i can go because I'm broke, I need to come up with rent money and what not.

So now your in NYC after spending some time in Spain, Are you working out there?
Yeah I teach a bunch of kids how to skateboard at a high school, by Tomkins Square park. They don't respect me but its not bad and i get 50 bucks a day, for 3 hours of work. Then i help build ramps for contests and events.

Sean Nguyen Front Noseblunt
Noseblunt, Photo: Daniel Lober

How the fuck did you end up with all this random side work?
Billy Rohan hooked it up, Yeah this friday some artist wants a mini ramp at his house for a party, So i m gonna make a 100 bucks putting it in his place. Then i also built a set for some BET commercials a couple weeks ago and then one week i was picking up clothes for the Plaza hotel. That was through this other guy that owns Rockstar bearings out here, Adrian Lopez.

Who are you staying with?
Adrian from rockstar had a friend out in Brooklyn and he said he had an extra room. I edited a video for him, because he wants to be a tv producer, I thought i was in for sure and then i find out its a living room and well I'm back to where i've always been, on a couch somewhere. I don't know if i can work either, because i teach skating, fuck i don't know what to do and the jobs haven't exactly been rolling in. I have two roomates, Ones a student. The other is a video editor like a real one for TV shows and shit.

Sean Nguyen Wallie
Wallie, Photo: Stefan Zannette

What tv shows?
Fuck if i know, He's doing some show for trutv called Southern Justice its a reality tv show about this for hire southern cop, The show is funny as shit. You still shreddin in OB?
Sean Nguyen
Yeah kinda im sick as fuck right, All the parks are free here now so its kinda nice.
I heard about that, I still need to go back to cali. I haven't seen anyone for like 2 years or something

Sean Nguyen Front Feeble
Fs 5050 , Photo: Stefan Zannette

How did you learn to edit videos?
I just started doing it every time i wanted to learn something i googled it. The vimeo (link) is of this Spanish guy that was in the adidas video Raul Navarro. If you ever go to barcelona he kills it and hes got tranny skills.

Who else kills it out there?
Theres Mark Frolich (link) Chris Pfanner, Fuck the shit i've seen him do, Bulent Kurtca, Charles Collet, Sarah Meurle, shes this chick who has like an andrew reynolds kickflip.

Sean Nguyen Front Feeble
Front Feeble, Photo: Daniel Lober

Whats your plan now? Are you going back to Europe?
Billy's sponsors might take me to Japan, and then they're talking about a Europe tour, But right now I'm going to fix all the obstacles for the halloween hellraiser contest. Plus the night before we're building a mini ramp for vice magazine and bad brains is gonna play (laughs). Josh Stewart is supposed to film us building it.

Would like to give a thanks for a couch and all that good shit for the homies?
Nathan Van Wormer, Blackbox Dave, my roomate Miguel in Barcelona, Billy Rohan, Adrian Lopez, Cooper Wilt, Sunken City, Hodad's, Walker Ryan, Mark Frolich, Lucas Fiederling, Bulent Kurtca, Paul Labadie, Antiz guys, Olalla Urdanibia, definately Raul Navarro, Lee Smith, Grandpa at Autumn. Julian Dykmans, Hugo Liard, Steffan Zannette zanette, I've slept on a lot of couches and a lot of people have hooked me up. Andy Ryan over at Quiksilver shit i can't think of anyone else.

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