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Elijah Berle
Elijah Berle

Austin: Name? Birthday? Hometown?
Elijah Berle. July 15th 1994. Santa Monica, CA.

So how did you get that black eye? What�s the story behind it?
I was skating this out bar, I went to 5050 it and my board didn't make it onto the rail. I pretty much did a back flip and kneed myself in the eye and my body went numb for hours.

Did it knock you out?
I got a concussion and suffered in the hospital for the rest of the night.

Elijah Berle. July 15th 1994. Santa Monica, CA.
Blunt over

How did Aryehs video end up looking? Who all has parts?
It was put together real good, way better then Aryeh's last video. We have put a shit ton of effort into finishing it. The homies in it are Adrian Adrid, Andrew Elliot, Jareld Web, Andrew Gallager, David Bowens, Casey Morissy, Frank Elezando, Aryeh, Jesus and me.

How did the premier turn out?
It was nuts. So many randoms were there. I had a bunch of fun and it was my first video part so i was siked.

Elijah Berle, Gap to 5-0

So you recently stopped riding for active and now ride for brooklyn projects. Did Active�s bankruptcy have anything to do with this, did they kick you off due to budget cuts? What�s the deal?
Well I quit active because I want to ride for a shop with all the homies and I was over the hipster active crowd plus BP is the shit.

Good call What about this getting into bars perk that came along with riding for them tell me about that
Well we convinced a few bars that I was the owner of BPs son and they believe it so I'm set at all the bars he goes to.

Why do you like homeschool? is it an easy way out?
It lets me skate more with out being stressed about studying and shit like that. Most of the time its super chill but it has its ups and downs.

Elijah Berle gap to 50 one eighty son! Elijah Berle kills it
Wallie up to rock fakie

Have you noticed any changes since Mike Sinclair became the TM for Tum Yeto?
Pretty much the same thing. Mike is super sick but Eric is also the homie.

What was it like getting robbed at knife point for your skateboard? What was going through your mind?
Shit was so fucking lame. That kid was a cunt from palm springs and i guess the best thing he had to do that day was to rob a little kid at a skate spot. I even asked if i could land my trick first and he was ovs, so i just threw my board and walked away.

Damn shut your trick down too, what a prick Whats your setup lookin like?
foundation board 8.125, pig wheels 52, thunder trucks 147 super tight, pig swiss bearings

How did you get a nineteen year old girlfriend?
Pretty much she was a idiot. I didnt even want to date her then I just got sucked into a relationship. It was hell.

SD or LA?
Sd for sure if I'm trying to skate

top three skaters
Leo Romero, Logan Lara, Tim Williams

top three parks
filmore, poway, memorial
Elijah Berle interview
5-0 180, Photo: Austin Mayer

you broke your wrist. tell me about that. thats not like you.
yea i havent broken shit in along time. I guess i was overdue. Aryeh cut some rail and wanted me to check it out. i wasn't even going to skate it, i was just looking at it. I figured lets light it up and maybe i would skate it. The only thing that I was sketched out on was that the ride up was in a handicapped zone. I went for it and first try got into feeble and slipped out to boardslide. by the time i got to the bottom of the rail i was spun around and my hand was behind my back. just fell all on my hand and somehow hit my face. My hand didn't even start hurting till i looked at it and it was super fucked. Aryeh took me to the hospital and i was in there all night. it just sucked all in all.

Elijah Berle noseblunt, interview
Nose Blunt to Fakie, Photo: Austin Mayer

So what are you doing now that you�re out of commission?
I don�t even know, I cant play the guitar, cant go on the computer, cant even move my fingers. Shits at a minimal right now.

Elijah Berle gnar ollie
Ollie over both fences, Photo: Austin Mayer

you got a full arm cast?
yea, full cast past my elbow for two weeks, then a short cast for two weeks, then im out.

Elijah Berle nose blunt
Nose blunt big set

Lets wrap this up, give me the list of shout outs.
Damn, I would like to thank Fidlar, Dom at DP, Mike Sinclair Justin Regan, Max Karish, Logan Lara, Jeff Henderson, Aryeh Kraus, Sam muller, Andrew Elliot, Eric Wall, Tod Swank, all the homies and you guys for the interview.

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