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Jeff Ward, Smith Grind. Tempe, Arizona

Dayne Brummet, Arizona, Jon Glass
This spot has been fucking killed, but regardless it's so fun. Jeff Ward slammed on his face and hip a couple times trying to tail drop off the rail on top into the bank. He ended up landing it in the dark. We had to come back to get this Switch Impossible, And we did.

Jeff Ward, Arizona, Jon Glass
As I'm filming Jeff i look over to my right where the Bathrooms are and this little girl had wedge her head between the ground and under the door. How they hell she got herself there i had no idea, But that scream reminded me of some shit out of a movie when someone is about to die. Me and Jon Glass didn't even know what to do, Eventually she got hear self out of there. Right after Ward almost landed on another kid rolling by on a scooter, Gnar Crail Bean Plant.

Jeff Ward, Arizona, Jon Glass
Jeff Ward, Arizona, Jon Glass
When we showed up to the Sedona skatepark there was Ice and Snow all over the place. We managed to sweep up a lot of the snow. But the ICE was just impossible to get rid of. Especially because it was still freezing out. Dayne Brummet managed to mingle between the ice and land this Bs Nose blunt.
Quote from Premium in Arizona

Jeff Ward, Arizona, Jon Glass
After Jeff Ward landed this Crook and Smith pretty much back-to-back. We got in the Van to on the way to the next spot, Glass was showing us the how the photos came out and like you can see above, Pretty fucking sick. But the editor of Poweredge didn't think so, They were "To artsy" for his liking, Jon Glass just responded with a simple smile.

Josh Evin, Arizona, Premium, Jon Glass
This was Josh Evin's mission, To get this gap. This skatepark was the first spot we checked out before heading to Daynes Dad's house where we ate on some of the best food ever. So after Josh landed this with a couple false attempts some leading his board into a cop car we split, hoped back in the Premium van and headed back home. Thanks for the fun times Arizona, Premium Skateboards and Dayne Brummet's Dad for the hospitality.

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